Cloud consciousness

Instagram is a wonderful place, if you follow the right people. There’s so many people man. They go out, get awed, try capturing moments and share it with the world. Imagine if we could upload our collective consciousness on some sort of supersize cloud. Every singular amazing thing that mankind has ever felt; out there … More Cloud consciousness

On comedians

Yknow, I have great respect for happy, cheerful people. Some days I just find it so difficult to crack a smile, and then I look at these perennially cheerful people who don’t even need a reason to look like they’ve got a hanger stuck in their mouth. It’s so infectious! Then there’s another set of … More On comedians

All these walls

Ah, another muse. I’ve always found people who have LOTS of good relationships to have a common trait. They always need a shoulder. I’ve noticed that people bond more during troubled times than happy ones. I think it’s because helping someone out makes one feel needed… Important even. I wonder how sharing your woes comes so … More All these walls

To be a girl friend

I mostly stick to writing melancholic, deep posts. This one, however, is a request from a friend. It didn’t take me too long to realise what an insufferable introvert I am; making friends doesn’t come easy to me. My first day at Pre University College (11th grade for some), was nothing short of pure social … More To be a girl friend

Instant Crush!

Haha Daft Punk makes music that feels like a spritz of lemon juice. Anyway, this post is going to be about my crushes; the ones I remember having throughout my younger years. I was really silly back then. I had this ginormous crush on a classmate all through middle school. Around 4 years. That’s a … More Instant Crush!