Grateful for Covid

Here I am, 6 hours away from home. I’m on a flight back to India, yeah… the new Covid superstar apparently. Why, you may ask. Well, I could probably write another blog post about that, but I’ll just say this. I’m going back home temporarily for some therapy and family time. Apparently, I have PTSD … More Grateful for Covid

Social Media Pt. 2

I think I have cracked the code. My blog ideas stem from no sleep and high stimulation before bedtime. A.k.a. BAD SLEEPING HABITS. It’s 5:30 in the morning and I spent 3 hours lying wide awake thinking of all the ways to structure this post and what not to add. I think I should change … More Social Media Pt. 2


It’s 1.40 in the night, sleep eludes me. Probably because I spent the last 3 hours watching the antics of Michael Scott in a dark room and now my brain is like an omelette. Now I’m watching a singular lit bedroom in the apartment opposite mine and all these vague, half-formed thoughts are pummelling my … More Bisexual


So I’ve moved to the States for my Master’s degree and it’s been… half a year now DAYUM. I come from a fairly conservative culture and it’s safe to say that even though my country is orthodox and traditional in a lot of ways, being subtle and having a sense of personal space is a … More Subtleties