It is an unearthly hour to wake up and start typing a post. A warm pet sleeping next to you makes it so much tougher. So what compels me to share my thoughts? I’m one of those people who can’t sleep till they’ve got unfinished business that CAN’T be overlooked. My thoughts demand attention, and … More Feel

Existential crisis

I really don’t want to┬átag this post, or even give it a name. But it’s as close to what I’ve been thinking of for the past few weeks. Maybe the boredom triggered it. Or maybe everyone is always aware of this in the back of their mind. I spent like an hour scribbling in my … More Existential crisis

Cloud consciousness

Instagram is a wonderful place, if you follow the right people. There’s so many people man. They go out, get awed, try capturing moments and share it with the world. Imagine if we could upload our collective consciousness on some sort of supersize cloud. Every singular amazing thing that mankind has ever felt; out there … More Cloud consciousness

All these walls

Ah, another muse. I’ve always found people who have LOTS of good relationships to have a common trait. They always need a shoulder. I’ve noticed that people bond more during troubled times than happy ones. I think it’s because helping someone out makes one feel needed… Important even. I wonder how sharing your woes comes so … More All these walls