See, this is the thing with starting to blog after reading a fair share of frikkin amazing blogs, whatever I feel like writing, doesn’t seem good enough.

With that little dent to my self-esteem, I’d like to usher you into into my FIRST BLOG EVER. If only you’d know how long have I wanted to get on the Net and set myself loose. Not that I don’t get to do it otherwise. It’s something else to voluntarily walk up to a stage and just wash yourself off of all the things you have to say. I am SO THRILLED to be doing something I’ve been wanting to for ages!

You know, if you’re reading this, I’d like to give you some friendly, take-it-or-leave-it, mull-over-it-when-you-can spot of advice. Just take some time out for yourself, and think of all the things you’ve been procrastinating about. Then think of why you haven’t gotten around to doing it yet *haven’t had the time* *been too busy* *new phone’s too engaging* *new TV series, gotta watch* *doggy died* whatever it is, just PUSH it all aside for once, be a stubborn prick, and START from somewhere! Start small, but do start. I can assure you, it’ll make you feel like life’s too short to be living it a year a time 🙂

Start something new! Kindle your inner light.

Love always

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