Chaos reigns

you and me. We probably don’t have a lot in common.
But we share the same sky and I want to talk to you.

We live in a world which feeds on success stories of people who seem larger-than-life. Nobody wants to read about the strife and struggle, all focus is on the glitz and glamour that comes with success. That kinda stuff sells, right?

It’s incredibly delusional.

And even though we know that, it takes a lot to keep oneself grounded and motivated. Days seem long, but life? Life’s short. Our deepest, most potent fears always lie in the pits of self-deprecating thoughts. We dread waking up at 60 and having regrets.

The world is full of sham and drudgery… You know where the beauty lies?

In you.

I might be naïve, but I think we are where we are today because a few great people did a few great things and humanity has truly flourished beyond recognition in the little time it has existed. Those great people did those great things because they believed that what they were doing was coming from a good place.

And you know what? We all have the capacity to do great things. Albeit in our own corner of the world; there is no dearth of heroism.

In the mad rush of people wanting validation, attention and appraise, be someone who strives for self-improvement.

I love penning down these thoughts, it reaffirms the idea in me too.

Art is true beauty, creating beautiful things is a gift. Make something of value to others; there’s enough superficiality, negativity, fear, doubt and hatred in the world.

Too many humans.

Much love. x

P.S. Watch Bojack Horseman. It will make you uncomfortable; totally worth it.

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