What a time to be alive

Okaaay, so. There’s no dearth of articles, videos, posts, memes, (you name it) about the US Presidential Elections. I’m not going to convince anyone to see why Trump is such a tragedy.

Really though, I admit I haven’t followed the elections or the campaigns to the dot; but doesn’t everyone have a certain primal reaction to when they hear things like rape and misogyny?

When you hear someone say “grab them by the pussy”, does it tell you more about the people being ‘grabbed by the pussy’, or about the person who said it?

I don’t know… I’m not pro-Hillary either. But it makes you think, doesn’t it? How a superpower like America, with all the fancy economic and literacy rates, the foreign relations mimblewimble; where is the world heading to, really? Why do they think it’s right to elect a bigot to represent them? Why is the privacy of a polling booth reeking with gender discrimination? Feminism has lost its meaning somewhere along the way, but it’s sad to see that the ones who did their part will bear the brunt too. This isn’t just politics anymore. It is democracy vs. demagogue.

All I can say is, a lot matters on how someone was brought up. A lot depends on how the person has been in their most impressionable age, what their ethos and morals have been. Things like these have a significant say in what you stand for as you grow older and wiser. No one expects a President to be flawless, but one expects… basic human compassion, right?

As for now, we can all hope that Trump proves to be hollow, and bides his time romping around in the White House. It’s actually scary to think that the we can plummet into another World War if Trump loses his chill one fine morning. And I hope America realises what it has done, and that SOMEONE worthy stands up for election in the coming years. With great power, comes great responsibility; it’s just that (most of the time) the stupid people are so darn confident and the smart ones aren’t.

Personally, I think climate change is the issue we should ALL be striving to overcome. Let’s just all do our part, we’ve fucked around enough. And please, don’t join the wagon: We have other problems too why does no one focus on that.
Quoting one of my most favourite comedians:

Me: Guys should we attempt at solving a problem?

Guys: No, because many problems exist.

-Biswa Kalyan Rath

Lots of love. And HOOOOOOPE haha!


One thought on “What a time to be alive

  1. Really well written. I agree with you. If people are going around saying oh atleast Trump speaks his mind, I will say to them, if someone can think like such a chooth and say it out loud like it’s the right thing to do or think like, then if a shepherd from Tippogondanhalli stood for President against that guy, I’d vote for the shepherd and rear a sheep too if that’s what’s needed.


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