Ruby Rose

Okay, I have literally reached the crux of obsession. I have NO more fangirling left; she’s my WhatsApp dp and status, I’ve talked about her for an hour straight and annoyed the crap out of my friend, I’ve even sketched her. This is all that’s left, and GODDAMN I’M GONNA WRITE A POST ABOUT HER.

SO. First things first, go watch this video so we have a common ground to start with, and then I can fill you in about how insanely perfect she is.


Good. See, she’s got it right, with her whole gender fluid thing and how one must break free of gender roles. She gives NO fucks about how a girl must look and behave. She always has, I love her for it. She feels neutral, not particularly feminine or masculine. And she’s true to herself about it; no fuss woman. Absolutely empowering, how sexy is that?

PLUS. HAVE YOU SEEN HER SMIRK? No? Here’s a gif. She’s the kind who’d make you doubt your sexuality. Thanks to her, straight women have a hella tough time convincing themselves they’re still straight.

AND there’s that delectable Australian accent. I had to swallow hard the first time I heard her talk, my mouth was so dry. She’s incredibly sexy.

I think the last time I was so smitten was with Draco Malfoy. And that’s just because I thought he was hot. Well, that faded over time, he got old and kinda bald. And in my head, he doesn’t stand for anything, y’know what I mean? I don’t associate him with an idea.

Ruby though, is here to stay. She’s incredibly strong. I can imagine her younger years, raised by a single mom and having to deal with society’s views on gender norms. She broke free and became what she is today. I love that; standing by what you think is right.

It’s not even like she’s angry or sullen at the world for being this way. She’s actually pretty nice as a person, from all that I’ve gathered from her interviews at least.

She’s had her share of breakups, it’s not surprising really. She’s so other-worldly, I can’t imagine there’s one single person who’d be wholly compatible with her, urgh so much perfection.
That’s it, I’ve found the embodiment of sexy haha, it’s Ruby. So darn smitten! May there be more Rubies in the world!


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