Existential crisis

I really don’t want to tag this post, or even give it a name. But it’s as close to what I’ve been thinking of for the past few weeks. Maybe the boredom triggered it. Or maybe everyone is always aware of this in the back of their mind.

I spent like an hour scribbling in my diary, about the pointlessness of it all. Hang on, pointless is a strong word. Hm.. the asinine importance we give to things. The need to make money, the need to leave a legacy, the need to live in a huge house with a loving family, or whatever else it is that makes people happy. No, this isn’t a rant. I just marvel at how we’re built. How we started from two people, and now we’re here. We have moved on as a whole; from fighting to survive, to having a great booty (?). I digress.

This video puts things in perspective. Puts you in your place. In good time, everything will fucking vanish. Everyone who knew you, knows you, or will know you, along with the remains of everything that we as a species know of, is going to fucking go.


To me, it means one thing. You’re here to do whatever the hell you want. There’s no big purpose. There’s no big reveal. You’re here one moment, gone the next, no one will fucking know in a few billion years what your big plans were; whether or not you achieved them. Just do your thing, and be happy.

It’s oddly liberating.

P.S. Another video I really like. Black holes are freaking fascinating.


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