Cloud consciousness

Instagram is a wonderful place, if you follow the right people. There’s so many people man. They go out, get awed, try capturing moments and share it with the world.

Imagine if we could upload our collective consciousness on some sort of supersize cloud. Every singular amazing thing that mankind has ever felt; out there accessible to everyone.

A beautiful forest someone walked through, a first kiss someone shared with their college sweetheart, a mother embracing her premature breathing baby after it battled with death, someone smothered under a litter of pups, someone watching a vast moon at the north pole, someone camping at the edge of a precipice, someone making it through bankruptcy purely by hard work, someone meditating with the monks in the lap of the Himalayas, someone getting hugged by a pet tiger, someone fighting all odds and coming out victorious, someone hitting the jackpot at the biggest casino in the world, someone building the mightiest structure, someone witnessing something so incredibly miraculous, it renders them speechless. Someone receiving a thunderous applause in front of an audience so huge, their faces look like little dots. Oh I could go on and on.

To think I haven’t quite lived each day like it was my last is disappointing. To think I don’t have life all figured out, and that I have no extraordinary talent or faced any incredibly challenging situations to narrate a story about… But to still be here, live in a time where I can glimpse at the days some people have. To think that there are wondrous things to look forward to. To be able to be human and perceive all that we can.

All this sitting on a tiny blue rock, hurtling through time and space. Absolutely clueless about what lies beyond the farthest stars we see.

DESPITE the crass insignificance of our existence, there’s so much more that one full life can handle.

Isn’t that amazing?


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