On comedians

Yknow, I have great respect for happy, cheerful people. Some days I just find it so difficult to crack a smile, and then I look at these perennially cheerful people who don’t even need a reason to look like they’ve got a hanger stuck in their mouth. It’s so infectious!

Then there’s another set of people who are simply a class apart: comedians!

I’ve been on a major stand-up comedy spree, every night after dinner I’ll spend hours listening to a bunch of guys’ views about all sorts of things. And it’s so bloody entertaining! Can you picture this: a huge crowd of people who’ve paid good money and taken out their entire evening, JUST to watch a guy talk. Can you imagine the pressure this one guy must be under? Hell, I break into a sweat at the prospect of talking to ONE person *you gotta stay alive, keep the conversation going!*. But a comedian? Nah, he just wants you to laugh, and they do it so darn effortlessly!

My favourites are Louis C.K. and Bill Burr though. Something about their blatant disregard for social taboos and topics normal people would usually be scandalised to even think about; it’s a complete riot to listen to them run away with their thoughts. As Russell Peters would say, “What, you’re gonna boo me ’cause I have an opinion? Well BOO YOU! Pbhhhht.”

It’s a gift, to make people laugh. Just the idea of lighting up a room with your humour, spreading that kinda joy in the vicinity; it’s a gift. You gotta love comedians for what they do; they manage to see the lighter side of whatever life’s handing out to them. They don’t get pulled over by a cop and think, “aw this sucks”, they think, “I can use this in my next act!”

Ah, I would even go as far to say that comedians are some of the most insightful and smart people around. I just wish we had more women doing stand-up comedy.

LOL (Lots of love) ❀


11 thoughts on “On comedians

  1. I wish I could do stand up. The fear of public speaking will probably prevent me from ever doing it. It would be fun though, to rehearse a set and then try it out at the local dive to see if you get a few giggles. I know that when my blog makes people laugh, it’s super satisfying. It’s probably amazing when someone laughs while you’re doing stand up.
    You should check out Tom Segura if you like Louie and Bill. He has two specials on Netflix, and you should watch the one that isn’t “mostly stories” … it’s funnier. I cry laughing when I watch it, mostly cause his ability to do a really solid black guy voice is UN CANNY and I’m jealous.


    1. Hey! Entertaining blog you got there! You could check out Bill Burr too, he’s another comedian I like for his outrageous comedy. Both him and Louis are incredibly insightful and funny, you’ll love old Billy.

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