To be a girl friend

I mostly stick to writing melancholic, deep posts. This one, however, is a request from a friend.

It didn’t take me too long to realise what an insufferable introvert I am; making friends doesn’t come easy to me. My first day at Pre University College (11th grade for some), was nothing short of pure social anxiety. All of us newcomers were made to stand together in the grounds and then assigned classes. I was sizing everyone up, just checking if I’d have to spend the next two years alone. *nope, too cool looking for me*, *nope, she’s in a huge gang of friends, how did she even do that?* *nope, he just looked right at me, that can’t be good* *Nope* *nope*.

Long story short, I DID manage to make me some friends AWYEAH and GUESS WHAT each of those girls was the coolest girl you’ll ever meet! Hahahaha. We had the super smart chicks, the super weird one, the one with the big house, the ones with the AMAZING HAIR, and the guy magnets, and then there was the funny one. ME hahaha.

I don’t even know how the six of us managed to even become a regular thing. First it was just Nishi and I, for our shared love of Harry Potter. Then Prerna got Niveda. And Gauri got Neha. And suddenly we’re all just marking territory and roping in all the fun HAHA. Eventually, Rajput came in too, for she taught us how to dance. And that does not include me; I’m still making waves with my disco dancer moves.

Back then, I was like omg these girls are so amazing, with their charm and flamboyance. I was so GLAD to be part of this, it was so new to me! I’d never had to *make* friends, you know? I was in the same school for like 11 years; everyone saw each other grow out of their chaddis. And now, here at Kumarans, it was like “Hey, this is me, I’m cool like that, let’s be friends?” hahaha it used to amaze me how such a different set of people got along so well!

We’ve had amazing times; sitting in a long row at the end of our classroom, taking bathroom breaks every hour to go and get some chips to chow on during lessons. All the “slab” sessions. And the sleepovers, naaaaaasty fun. The class trips! Well actually, just that one trip. And the dance we came in second for! I had christened us Hades’ Angels, like the femme fatales we were hahaha. We didn’t even have to be in fun places to do stupid shit. This one time, we were thrown outside class, so we just sat outside the door in a circle to share scary stories and stuff. That’s where my coulrophobia came into light. No one let me off easy, I tell you.

Sitting in the middle of the road to talk, I NEED THIS.

And I remember the incessant note-scribbling in between classes! We’d just go on and on and oooooon, talking about absolutely EVERYTHING from new crushes, to surprise birthday plans, to how much Rishi stank after basketball, to how some girl stole Niveda’s phone, and how Gauri accidentally touched a teacher’s butt. HAHAHA, Neha would even write down songs that were stuck in her head. It was like a lyric epidemic every time.
Our dance though, everything from the practice sessions to the stage performance was so eventful! Gosh, we were so sure of winning international dance competitions, honestly.

These six gorgeous girls have given me an arsenal of memories; I can’t even begin to describe how lucky I am to have known each and every one of them. Yeah, we don’t meet as often. We don’t have heart to heart talks anymore. We raise our palms to our foreheads to do the telepathy wiggle, and no one does it with us. BUT that’s alright, for we shall always be Hades’ Angels, TILL HELL FREEZES OVER.

P.S. Bos Bubalus, Furfal, 600 ml, JOAB, thunder thighs and crystal balls.


A friend wrote this:


Few things in life are concrete.
Few things pierce ‘skin deep’.

Fewer still are the moments,
Memories, most dear, we keep.

Rarest, are friendships eternal.
When the discord of life, rests in peace.

– For Hades’ Angels


12 thoughts on “To be a girl friend

  1. You forgot to mention how we’d all be nervous before exam and niveda would hover around from person to person saying “teach me this, teach me this” and gauri would bite her finger nails and say “dude so freaked out..” Just before chemistry exam specially 😛 and how we’d all promise to attend the next day and decide not to, the second we got to college xP I miss us, but I’m glad we keep catching up ❤ beautiful post, Keens 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Neeeeet, this is beautiful ❤
    I am so blessed to have you girls*beautiful girls*
    And also us sleeping under the desks, where the teachers have no clue we are sleeping under the desk and when it comes to attendance, we get up immediatly and act like *I was listening to you whole time*😂

    Liked by 1 person

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