Instant Crush!

Haha Daft Punk makes music that feels like a spritz of lemon juice.
Anyway, this post is going to be about my crushes; the ones I remember having throughout my younger years. I was really silly back then.

I had this ginormous crush on a classmate all through middle school. Around 4 years. That’s a hella long time to just admire someone’s good looks from afar and paste your diary with pages and paaaages of how BADLY you want to marry them :’D IT WAS SO CRAZY! I remember, the only time I ever spoke to him, was when I needed sticky tape for craft class; he just casually handed it out to me because my partner (Ankita I think), didn’t have it.

And our fingers touched, for like half a picosecond.

Ah, what a dear diary moment that was :’D

Omg my skin crawls with all the cringe. This was only 10 years ago 😛

This other time, I was paired with him in English class to read a story out loud. I was so darn nervous, the whole time I was thanking my good hearted English teacher, for swooping in a lá cupid, and pairing me off with my eternal love. *sighhhhhh*

I was crazy about that guy, for only one major reason. That he looked incredible.

Later as I grew up, I started admiring him for his brains as well. He was good at math! Anyone who’s good at something that I’m not, instantly climbs up on my respect chart. He was already there; I was just looking for more reasons to adore him.
Further along the way I found out that he was really.. Enigmatic. You know how there’s always some or the other stories floating around about people all over school.

Considering my #1 favorite boy, it never was like that. In retrospect, he was pretty popular. But never did I ever hear any gossip about him. I liked that element of mystery.

Anyway, that kinda faded over time. He never acknowledged my existence as a girl who could be liked. I was incredibly shy; the quiet girl who has two best friends (of the same sex). The one who doesn’t do anything loud or mildly attention grabbing; not even when she really wants to enrol for that poem recitation. Or that Shakespeare play she is dying to be part of. She minds her own business, and nobody ever looks at her twice. She’s neutral.
Yes, that was me. Most of my life.

Then came my martial arts class, post my spinal surgery (I was eleven, and I was diagnosed with scoliosis). Mom and dad thought it’d be a good confidence-building hobby; learning some sort of defensive arts.

Aaaand it happened again. There are no words for how utterly jaw-dropping I found my Karate teacher xD

First telephonic conversation, this was 9 years ago!
First telephonic conversation, this was 9 years ago!

We had a black-belt trainer brother-duo, and he was the younger one; the Sempai. They were both in their twenties. Classes would be divided between them, and every time I’d see his maroon Activa roll in the parking lot, I’d get an instant surge of energy that’d last me all through the one hour gruelling training we had xD

He was quite popular with the girls in my batch, they’d titter whenever he’d  take rounds;correcting our fighting positions and such. I’d feel insanely jealous. But I didn’t have to worry much, I was among his favourite students. Psht, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to show off, of course he’s gonna like me 😛

This time it was better than before! I at least had the guts (or even the chance) to talk to my object of adoration. He used to take 15 minutes after class, just to get my stretches right. All strenuous exercises were done separately for me (my mom had put in a word with them about my medical reasons), so he was always hovering to check if I’m doing alright.

I, of course, lapped up aaaall that attention.

Anyway, so that ended too; we had to relocate. All of us moved to Bangalore, I used to ache for him. Crazy missing scenes. My Karate class was one place I felt like this was something I liked doing for real. And I had wonderful friends there! It was all for 6 months, but I still picture myself walking in, taking my usual position; Sempai might probably be flooring another batch of adolescent girls (totally unintentionally); he’d still demonstrate those perfect, fluid, powerful as f kicks.. Yes, most of my imagination revolves around him, I was one majorly smitten student.

Hahahaha, it’s really uncanny; I have this… Breed of boys that I instantly take a liking for. Confidence; oh yeees, one’s ability to be completely comfortable in their skin; it’s incredibly sexy. So what if I’m not as good looking as the other guy, or as smart as him? I’m me, and nobody else is. Confidence is not just about slamming doors, being loud, and making your presence felt. Quiet confidence speaks volumes.

Spot on!
Spot on!

Knowing how to speak in a way you’ll be listened to; and knowing when to stop talking. Above all, being profoundly aware that I’m not the centre of attention, you are the centre of mine.

Number 2; brains! No, you don’t have to be a math whiz-kid or some cryptology code-cracking science geek like Robert Langdon.

Nono, if you can choose to be Robert Langdon, you must always be Robert Langdon.
Common sense, actually. The raw curiosity to want to know why something is how it is. Just.. Something that shows you think about things. Anything!

Number 3; quirks! Little odd things! People are never weird; people are just people. You’re the one with limited perspective.
Anything that’s different about you, that you’re not ashamed of? It’s a whole world of cuteness 🙂

And of course, positivity. Being happy is so contagious. We live in a world where everything is done fast. Everyone’s in a hurry to get their shiz done.
We only have time to remember how we felt about something. And happy vibes are so addictive! You can’t get enough of someone who’s so cheerful and funny.
Yes, being funny is the best thing. It’s a gift to make people laugh.

Jesus would've been a riot with the leydis
Jesus would’ve been a riot with the leydis

Right now, the guy I’m seeing; he’s an amalgamation of everything that I think I’ll like. All failed relationships have given me reasons to not date someone.

From how the two of us have conquered our differences and made it this far, I’ve begun to trust my choices 🙂 he’s amazing, and it’s all because of him there’s another addition to my list of must-haves in your SO.

The feeling of having known them forever.

If it feels like home, you follow it’s path. Simply put; the most important matters are best left to the heart.


It’s 2 in the night; I have GOT to edit this post later!

Much love! x


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