Bow WOW – Why I’m a sworn dog person for life

My two year old Dachshund Toffee is a TOTAL feisty woman trapped in a dog’s body. She will scare you shitless if she doesn’t trust you, but if you have her heart, she’ll go to crazy lengths to cheer you up.

It’s just like yesterday, when she came home, all big eyes and long sausage body. JUMPING around the house like a mad slinky and not caring for anybody’s privacy. She went all over the place, sniffing and snorting, going round and round, zipping through rooms to check if everyone’s around.

Just came by to check you off my list, noo hooman
She got so comfortable, SO fast! Earlier when she wasn’t very familiar with the rest of us, she always wanted someone around. I used to stay home the most, because my exams were on and I was cooped up with my books. She used to sit on them, just to grab my attention. And then… not even budge.

Just like the Sphinx protects mummies, I shall protect your books

And of course I loved the distraction. Who could say no to this magnificently photogenic little cuddlebum?

The heart turns to goo, doesn’t it? ;_;

She is the first thing I see every morning. Mom hates dog hair on furniture, so Toffee waits for her to leave.Β She quietly sneaks next to my bed, sniffs my face to see if I’m up. And then JUMPS on to join me if I’m not. If I’m awake, she jumps on anyway and wriggles ALL over the bed like an earthworm having a seizure. Or she finds a mysterious spot and digs it for five minutes, ears flapping like mad. When she’s done, she goes back to sleep.

Because, why not?

Her playtime is the best! She wants WHATEVER you want. She wants to taunt you with her toys, make you chase after her, and then play tug of war till she’s hoisted up in the air, trying to snatch whatever you’re taking away from her. Fetching isn’t a concept for this girl, fighting for what’s hers is how she rolls hahaha. The most foolproof plan to beat her at any game is of course–

You will never eat alone

She is extremely expressive! She knows Mom gives the food and protects the little ones. Littlest human takes me to pee during the day. Slightly taller human takes me to pee during the night and can be approached for random cuddles and scratches and play time. And Dad keeps vandalism in check.
She understands what you’re saying, of course the tone is what makes the difference. She cocks her head to the left and to the right, every time you say something she recognises. It’s endless entertainment! I recently found out that my dusty guitar sends her into a tizzy. Every pluck of the string is perfectly synchronized with her left-right-left head cocking

Best thing about her is the gratitude she shows. Every little thing you do for her, she’ll gaze at you like you saved the very depths of her soul from eternal damnation. Big doleful eyes brimming with utter devotion, no wonder she gets pampered left, right and centre.

But most of all, I love how she understands so many little things. How she aims STRAIGHT for my mouth and kisses me when I come back home. How she manages to brighten the most boring days by doing something as ordinary as

This girl is love at first sight. I know feelings are mutual, because no one can do what she does with zero expectations.

One lick, and the promise of a lifetime of love
A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their colour or creed or class but by who they are inside. A dog doesn’t care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his.
– John Grogan

10 thoughts on “Bow WOW – Why I’m a sworn dog person for life

      1. Hahahaha I just completely lost it at the last bit, when that dog is just getting dragged around because it doesn’t wanna let go. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to try a few of these with my little lady-slinky haha.

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