Clash of Clans

Note: This post is fairly technical. People not acquainted with this super popular massive online multi-player game might not follow what’s written.


Yes, I’m shifting from writing about my life and musings to things I’m hooked on to. It’s important to me, because IT TAKES SO MUCH OF MY TIME and I really could invest it doing better things, but… Just… Hang on, my troops are ready for battle.


When I started playing this (thanks to my classmates, who were intent upon building a strong clan and wanted to rope in as many people as they could), I was all ‘Meh, just another gaame, it’s strategy that too. I probably won’t be playing this for more than a week’.




It’s been five months.
Five months on a game is an insane amount of time, especially for a casual gamer like me, who only plays when in a queue or in a bus or when trying to avoid company.


It grows on you. Supercell is earning hundreds of millions feasting on the feverish desire of millions to reach the top. And it’s easy, there’s no complicated finger tapping/dragging or any kind of information overload. Plus, CoC looks real neat. Although the first time I got attacked by lightning spells, I was positively scandalised *how can he do this to my delicate little garden?*



It’s hilarious. Global chats on the CoC server are full of people trying to
a) get you to join their clan (Town hall 5 clashers starting their own clan and asking TH9 people to join up; happens all the time)

b) ask you to rate their base (no ficks are given, unless you’re a Champion or higher)

c) pick up a fight (level 30 guy to a level 100 guy: your base sucks, you’re a noob)

d) pick up girls (random guy: hey Kate, where do you live? Do you have kik? Add me!)

e) ask for troops (desperate chick: I really need a P.E.K.K.A. pleeeeeeease. Come on guys *spamspamspamspam*)

f) trying to show off (random guy: so my company made a billion dollars on an idea I came up with. Yeah, I’m a billionaire.)

g) actually having game-play discussions.

h) trying to find their friends on global chat (entirely futile, because it’s different for different people. Although I did come across this really fun guy on it once, his username was Paradox. And I came across him again a few weeks later, and ARGH I lost connection. Chat reset, whole new set of strangers, damn. So now, every time I login to global chat, I always ask for Paradox haha)


I remember my days as an amateur. Hopping clans, getting booted from some. It was fun, total hippie types. Although now I’m in my college clan (which happens to be among the top 50 in India #braggingrights), it’s still fun going through clans. You can almost IMMEDIATELY tell where a clan is from. American ones always have members with inappropriate names (Hugh G. Rection or SluntCayer for instance) at least 3 members with DeezNuts in their names, at least one member who’s called You (because it’s a riot watching someone called You message on chat, and for one moment you’re like ‘when did I type this?’).

Indian clans always have players with their actual names. The rest are from movie franchises (Mr. Stark, Hulk, Batman, Son of Krypton. Stuff like that) or Game of Thrones characters. Or the overly frilly xxPrincessSheilaxx, GÖdÓfWâR, KilLéRAShü kind.



If the gameplay is getting too comfortable for you, try pushing your trophies to higher leagues. THAT’S when you get a taste of the Clash. If you’re a th8 or below pushing to masters; the second (and I mean it) you go offline, you will get attacked, whether you have loot or not. And people push trophies all the time, to get to better leagues and higher loot bonuses, or in the quest for a fifth builder (your troops will die, your heroes will need to heal, but your builders. They know not the idea of being idle. My builders haven’t had a moment of rest for five months). It’s not odd to see a th6 guy quietly mousing around the Master’s league. A th2 guy became the talk of the town recently, when Supercell announced his insane feat. He reached the Champions league. That’s a REALLY big deal.


If nothing else, CoC has taught me a great, GREAT deal of patience. Picture this: a really easy base, with humongous amount of loot. I’ve dropped all my troops, and the WiFi sign starts blinking on my screen (which signals that connection is weak). My palms start sweating *come on, jussssst a few more seconds*and BAM, Connection lost. Please reload.  ARGH ¥%©®@#+)*'”?!&

Loot? Gone.
Troops? Waaasted.
Trophies? Dropping like it’s hawwwt.


Another funny thing is when you share your account with someone else so they can raid/push for you. All is well and good, until both of you login at the same time from different devices. Both of you lose connection and a lot of screw ups happen. My clan mates have had these sorta situations, and it’s honestly hilarious to watch haha


I could write so much about this game! I honestly wonder how I spent time before CoC. I plan out my activities around the time my shield runs out, or when my builder is free. I sometimes set alarms to wake up at 3 in the night so I can put my builder to work again, as soon as he’s done upgrading something. Or in some cases:

Clash on!


I’m not the only one.

People ask me about this game, and my honest opinion is to NOT start playing it. 9 on 10 people would get completely hooked. If you’re sensible, and really busy in life, you probably are that one cuckoo who flew over the nest.

I was weak, I couldn’t resist, don’t judge me kthxbye 


3 thoughts on “Clash of Clans

  1. I flew over. Technical piece but what has it taught you apart from patience?

    The travesty of a period game is that since it isnt directly relatable, the value gained of a strategic gaming platform isn't on face value. Dont you think?


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