My World On A Fingernail Sized Piece Of Plastic

Hi. I’m currently in a train to Delhi to visit my cousins and to have a freakin’ awesome vacation generally. You’d think I’d  have better work to do than to hunch over my phone and tippy tappy furiously… Travelling alone isn’t the most engaging activity.

I’m SO pissed and helpless, I’ll do the next best thing. I’ll blog about it.

So my 3 month old (relatively new) phone decides to act like the biggest *beep*ing piece of gadgetry ever. Okay maybe I shouldn’t have wished for a more eventful day today, but this is NOT what I had in mind!

What happened (or rather, what DIDN’T happen) was this ominous memory card shaped icon showed up in my notification bar. I casually tapped on it and it read “SD card blank or has unknown filetype”. With an expression of having just been clubbed over the head, I tapped it again and it asked me if I wanted to proceed with formatting my card ‘All your information will be lost’.



“I KNOW WHAT FORMATTING MEANS” I thought-screamed in my head. Panicking now, I asked a couple of friends if they could help me figure it out. Well, for once, my awesome keyboard which lets you swipe across the screen and stuff wasn’t working, so I had to make do with the usual boring tap-key one. That didn’t help my piss-off-ed-ness one bit. Since my friends couldn’t help much, and my typing was erratic, I decided I should fiddle around with my phone a bit, I mean, it couldn’t get any worse right?

Everything that could possibly help me take my mind off this gizmo-disaster is on my SD card! My apps, all the pictures I like, all the stuff that’s saved IN my apps, my MUSIC omg; EVERYTHING. I’m not even in the mood to pull out some big philosophical explanation for all this mess. There’s hardly anything I can do without access to a computer and another technologically sound person. So my best shot is to wait it out and get help when I reach my destination. But the mental anguishhh! >_< This is SUCH a bad start to a vacation.

Well, rebooting doesn’t work, taking your card out and putting it back in after a while doesn’t work, changing all sortsa settings doesn’t work. I’m half hoping that my guardian angel is reading this blog over my shoulder as I type it and will magically make things alright *weak hopeful smile*

I really should go read Brida or something. I HATE typing on this alien keyboard.


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