Another Year Gone :D AND I’M ALAIIIIVE!

So I’m a whole year older and I’ve lived to tell the tale! And watta tale it has been, sigh, where do I start?
So I finally stepped in the adult world when I turned 18 last year, and I was quivering with excitement at the thought of all the new doors that were open to me 😛 How wrong I was.
With a family like mine, wanting to put a toe out of line and having some fun is as doable as walking to Saturn. I’m not saying that I didn’t have ‘fun’, but it came with a lot of YOU’RE-BUSTED and don’t-you-dare-repeat-this moments.

The past year had mostly been me worrying over which college I was going to end up in, turns out I had all reason to worry, because all the entrance exam preparation that I did, wasn’t enough to land me a seat in med school. That, and all the disappointment pouring from all sides (my entire race was so convinced I’d make it) has pretty much made it the most tough time I’ve been through yet.

But as they say, when one door closes, someone would’ve at least left a window open somewhere.

My window is named R.N.S. Institute of Technology, and boy, am I glad to be here or what! True, I didn’t get what I wanted, but I choose to make the most of what I have.

 What do I say about college, it’s plain awesome. I’ve made friends here who don’t make me wish I had enemies, I have a really cool best friend who I can share EVERYTHING with (yes, everything, no exceptions), all my seniors like me, the professors can stand me, and I even get to keep my old set of friends, the Original Band of Wackos, 100% unchanged and forever fabulous.

I’m only telling you about the good things in life, not because I want to prove I’m some little miss sunshine, always positive, nothing fazes me yada yada. I prefer not looking back at the past at all. Tragedy strikes everyone, big deal. But what doesn’t happen to everyone is the let-me-get-my-life-back-on-track phase. It does happen, eventually. For me, it’s always been an auto-pilot thing; one roadblock, and my defense mechanisms are up and running. I take the hit, falter, slow down, brush it off, keep the lesson and move on. It’s always been that way. (My ex hates me a little.)

 And also, I get sidetracked waaay too easily.

As I was saying, my birthday, which was nearly a week ago (about time I posted this), on the 28th, was of me celebrating another year of getting closer to discovering how I truly am. But putting all the philosophical babble aside, IT WAS SO AWESOME (it’s an overused word, I think it should be banned). Firstly, it was a Sunday, and Sundays are for family, so I assumed I’d be home, answering calls from family and friends who are always waaay perkier about my day than I am. But. I KNEW there was a surprise party being planned haha. And I’m not going over the entire thing, too much to type.

So around lunch time, ten of my super sneaky smartass friends reduced me to shrieks of joy and surprise. The most unexpected people turned up, and boy, they sure as hell made my day! All the pains they took to make sure I had a great time, it’s really touching. Plus, it was a Harry Potter themed party, wands and Malfoy posters (you should have seen my face) and the works. I’m a tongue tied moron most of the time, so I’m pretty sure those dimwits don’t know how much it meant to me. If they’re reading this, I love you guyyyys ❤

And if you’re 19, it’s ridiculous if you don’t get wasted. With that motto in mind, Bandi and BeverageBoy (BeBo) decided to get properly sloshed. So four of us, Bandi, BeBo, Rajput (this girl friend of mine) and I helped ourselves to nearly 8 bottles of Budweiser in a secluded little residential area, One and three-quarter bottles and three hours later, after throwing discreetness out the window and prancing around in the rain in the middle of the road, asking Rajput if I could kiss her, puking every last drop of beer out, crouching behind the car and getting ogled at by cops and talking utter rubbish, I was home.

Believe me; it took every little fiber of willpower I had to appear sane when my folks asked me how it went. I think dad suspects I had more than just clean fun, but he seems cool with it *thumbs up* Had a shitty hangover in the middle of the night, and a woozy day next, but it was totally worth it.

All in all, it was the best birthday I’ve had, no doubt about that 😀 Everyone deserves to gift themselves a group of loony friends.


Love always!


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