So I’ve moved to the States for my Master’s degree and it’s been… half a year now DAYUM. I come from a fairly conservative culture and it’s safe to say that even though my country is orthodox and traditional in a lot of ways, being subtle and having a sense of personal space is a … More Subtleties

Walk Forrest, walk

My workday usually starts with a cup of coffee on a 3rd floor balcony overlooking the parking lot. Bright idyllic mornings and a steadily increasing flow of white collared workers, diligently heading toward their destination — much like a colony of army ants. I amuse myself by painting a story for each person that catches … More Walk Forrest, walk

The pursuit

I have been thinking about how I’m in my tweens and my whole life could depend on the choices I make in this decade. Let’s get on the same page: I’m not going to discuss my doubt or fears. I want to put this post out so I can get some clarity and also to … More The pursuit

Chaos reigns

Hi, you and me. We probably don’t have a lot in common. But we share the same sky and I want to talk to you. We live in a world which feeds on success stories of people who seem larger-than-life. Nobody wants to read about the strife and struggle, all focus is on the glitz … More Chaos reigns

Do what you can’t

YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS VIDEO And then proceed with your life. Too many of us are either bogged down by our own limitations of things we can or can’t do. Or are busy drawing boundaries for other people, telling them what they can or can’t do. More often than not, it’s our parents who are … More Do what you can’t